Jul 27, 2009

new job…it’s allright??

yesterday, i was reading the blog that my bestfriend have made.the topics is about “when u think u need a new job?” there’s just a Q&A typical,but the answer is really2 fact or maybe most of people will like it.
Q : when, u thik u need a new job ?
A :
1. if you woke up in the morning then your mind says “ugh,i have 2 work again,damn!” so, you better quit, coz oprah says “life ’s too short, to grumfting something”
2. if u think the salary isn’t comparison with ur job (standard)
3. if u dont have much time for yourself, except for working,working,working…feel’s like you in the hell of working!
4. if the boss got a face like a demon and hobbies to fullfil you with deadline, so they’are will annoying you with the words ” aha..i’ll give you, another new job,get it?” then you better quit after u give him/her bleeding nose.
5. if you decided to married a rich goodlooking old boss in ur company, and try to looking a young one in other company =)
heheheh… i’ll think i’ll prefer the number 5 answered…c’mon..life’s too much complicated, if we take it too much seriuos, i’ll believe we can loose our colour in our life…just be happy right now, yesterday and future,isn’t am i right?
well,well…honestly, after working in 3 different company fur almost 2 years with all the problems handled/unhandled, make me learning something new…basicly, working in every new place always like a same, you had new job, still have new boss (like/dislike), still have deadline that can kill you, still have a gossips, and more tips “how to not longer in here”, etc,etc.
that’s all makes me asking : ” why we don’t just enjoy this time?”
juz…forget the pass, guess tommorow…that’s will make more easier to breathe this life right now. Just enjoy THE moment..no,no..i think THIS moment…bcoz won’t coming twice…
so, whereever you are, whatever you do, whenever you wish to had a new job…
i’ll think u must think not only one or twice…but must think more…

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