Mar 11, 2011

words to remember~

These words are my daily - sometimes hourly - reminder of how I want to show up in the world.
Right now. It's not my best writing, but when I read them, I feel these words in my core. I deepen into myself. I breathe more freely. I step into my power and remember Who I Am. Tonight I wanted to share - to step out of my comfort zone - and hope that something in here might resonate with you.
Ease. Let go of the paddles. Trust. Allow things to come. Allow good to come. Receive it all with an open heart. Set the course and relax. Everything is perfect.
Abundance. There is enough. You are enough. Open your arms and dance. Let life in with laughter.
Create. Get busy. Play. Have fun. Experience joy. Stay present. Write. Write. Write. Allow the crap to come out so the brilliance can too. Use your hands. Felt. Knit. Sew. Draw. Paint. Garden. Build. Play with your creativity again.
Connect. With a loving and open heart. Connect with yourself, with your passions, with your truth. Give and receive love. Stay playful. Send handwritten notes, emails, texts, tweets and make phone calls when the thought strikes. Let people know you're thinking of them, loving them. Stay connected to now. Find the joy. Stay connected to the excitement of what is to come. Get out of your comfort zone and connect.
Commit. Say yes and mean it. Do it now. Focus - like a laser - on what you want and let the rest go. Commit to your health, your family, your writing. Most of all, commit to yourself. You are worth all you can dream and more.

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