Jan 13, 2009

Start Small

Even the smallest accomplishment has great value. Because it sets in motion a positive momentum.
Once you begin to create value, you easily and naturally move toward creating even more value.The best thing about success is that it provides greater opportunity for even more success.

Go ahead and start small, and if you're unable to start small, then start tiny.
The point is, do whatever you can with whatever you have, and that will be plenty to get you moving in a positive, productive direction.

There is always something you can do.
There is always some small step forward that you can make right now.

Your ability to accomplish doesn't get used up.
In Fact, the more you use it, the more powerful it grows.

Create a little bit of success, and experience how great it feels.
From that positive, empowered place, there's no limit to where you can go..

The life that you have
There will be times when you find yourself in extremely difficult circumtances
When those times come, it's important to put things in perspective.
Whatever else may be goning on, always remember that you have been blessed with life
and the ability to live it as you choose.
Think of how completely awesome that is.
The idea that you are a victim of any particular circumtance is simply not accurate.
For when you look at the big picture, you're not a victim at all.
You are a very fortunante beneficiary of the greatest circumtance that you could possibly
imagine--being alive and able to direct your own life.
All other circumtances pale in comparison.
The transitory ups and downs are merely tiny threads in the overall fabric of your life.
Each one ultimately adds to the richness of your experience.
The quality of that experience is up to you, and the fact that you're aware and able to think and act confers on you an incalculable wealth.
See it, value and appreciate it, and spend each day being truly worthy of the unique,
precious life that you have.

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putrabayu said...

Some time, just never thing of your life. Just enjoy it as the way it goes. Let it be like a blind happiness.
Just... some time